HTML, CSS, layers, RGB, CMYK, font, layout, DSLR, non-linear editing, kerning, leading, hexadecimal...

are we speaking your language yet? If so, you have found the group for creative technologists: motion media, graphic artists and web designers at IUSB.

We are an affiliate member of the American Advertising Federation, (Michiana Chapter) and want you to join us in creating an active student group where we can share technology, design tips, processes, and your work.

At QBit we say, "A qubit is like a regular bit, but overall very different."

In quantum computing, a qubit is able to process information in either "0" or "1," but also a superposition of both. What this translates to (at least idealistically) is members of QBit are talented at a variety of creative technologies---but also hold varying viewpoints expressed through their digital creations.

If you strive to be one of the best in your field, Qbit will be a great resource for you.


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